The #1 security vulnerability is already inside your network.

The only way to stop them is to unleash the largest army of security analysts that hackers have ever seen

90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack
Despite billions and billions of dollars spent on technical controls every year, the problem is getting worse
Training hasn't been able to fix the problem because users are only human
It's time for a different approach

90 seconds

A new phishing campaign nets it's first victim in less than 90 seconds.


After security awareness training 13% of people still click on phishing links!

1.5 hours

Current solutions take 1.5 hours to discover that an attack has already occurred.


Spear phishing has increased 55% for companies of all sizes.

Don't just train. Protect!

The Gyomo solution improves security operational efficiences by turning your internal threat (employees) into your strongest ally. As a by-product, the training offered by Gyomo far surpasses current best-in-class solutions.

Just in time

15-20 seconds of user and situation specific training delivered when they need it most: right when they click on a link to an unverified or unknown website

Keep it real

Train with the real phish that attack your network - phish good enough to get through existing security and convincing enough to entice your users to click

Keep it simple

One or two training sessions per day will provide more than 1 hour annual training for security awareness training... and deliver dramatically better results

Block bad sites

When users fall victim to phish... don't just analyze what when wrong and react to the breach faster - block the site and stop the attack before the breach

Maximize what you have

Get the most out of your existing security infrastructure investment, while adapting to ever varying risks and actually improving productivity at the same time

Speed it up

Decrease the time to evaluate potentially malicious sites by transforming a would be army of insider threats into active participants in the defense of the network

The difference is Protection

Increase your security with actual protection against phishing attacks. Training received six months ago does little defend against a new attack today. Somebody always clicks, and when they do, does your security awareness solution protect you? before? after? at all?

Stop worrying
Start protecting

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